Video: 7 out of 10 new pickup trucks to be aluminum-bodied by 2025

Every leading automaker will include numerous aluminum body and closure programs by 2025 with aluminum sheet for complete bodies jumping to 4 billion lbs, from the 200 million lbs in 2013, noted the new report, 2015 North American Light Vehicle Aluminum Content Study. The report was commissioned by the Aluminum Association’s Aluminum Transportation Group (ATG) and conducted by Ducker Worldwide through detailed in-person interviews with automotive OEMs, component suppliers, and regulators. Ducker maintains a comprehensive material use database to track material and mass of individual components for every vehicle model manufactured in North America, which was updated and verified between October 2013 and April 2014, with findings presented in the report.

The ATG hosted a webinar exploring the survey findings that show by 2025, seven out of 10 new pickup trucks and more than 20% of SUVs and large sedans produced in North America will be aluminum-bodied. A recap of the webinar can be viewed in the following video.

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