New Aluminum Bronze Wire Specifically Tailored for Acoustic Guitar Strings


Luvata, a metals manufacturing, heat-transfer technology, and engineering and design company, has partnered with Ernie Ball, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of guitar strings and musical instrument accessories, to deliver a new aluminum bronze wire. The wire is made from a blend of copper and aluminum and is specifically tailored for Ernie Ball acoustic guitar strings.

“Extensive research over the span of three years lead to the development of this optimal blend of copper and aluminum wire,” indicates Brian Ball, vice president at Ernie Ball. “The wire alloy, weight-accuracy and temper make a big difference in the tone and performance of our guitar strings. Luvata understands this and is able to deliver consistent quality and performance upon which Ernie Ball customers depend for a clear and robust tone.”

The new aluminum bronze acoustic strings feature more projection and clarity than traditional bronze strings, while also providing improved corrosion resistance. The acoustic strings are made with Ernie Ball Maraging Steel hex cores and Luvata’s aluminum bronze wrap wire to deliver more pronounced lows coupled with crisp brilliant highs. The strings are available in extra light, light, medium light, and medium gauges.

Ernie Ball is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of guitar strings and musical instrument accessories. Its products can be found in over 130 countries and are used by countless renowned artists including Eric Clapton, Peter Townshend, and Keith Richards.

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