The Aluminum Association introduces AluminumNation

The aluminum industry is a vital part of the U.S. manufacturing sector and a leader in the national sustainability movement. As public policy issues facing the industry have grown more complex and integrated, it has become ever more important that key decision-makers hear the aluminum industry’s collective voice to best understand the economic and environmental benefits of aluminum.

aluminumnation_small_webTo meet this need, the Aluminum Association has formed AluminumNation, an online advocacy network that will play a significant role in protecting the aluminum industry’s high quality, advanced manufacturing jobs through a unified collective voice. The network includes aluminum industry leaders, employees and their family members, retirees, students, suppliers to the industry, and those who are interested in supporting the production and use of this economically and environmentally vital metal.

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Sustainability Roadmap for the Aluminum Industry

Pierre Vareille, European Aluminium Association chairman and CEO of Constellium, at the launch of the Sustainability Roadmap for the aluminum industry on April 23, 2015 discussed the aluminum effect — 75% of all of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

Other video interviews from the Sustainability Roadmap event, include:

Arabal 2015 to be Hosted by Ma’aden in November


The 19th Arab International Aluminium Conference and Exhibition (Arabal) will be hosted by Ma’aden at the Dhahran International Exhibitions Center in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, from November 15-17, 2015. Over the past 29 years, Arabal has become an event of international repute, bringing together leaders from the aluminum industry from across the world to network and conduct business. It is the premium trade event for the Middle East’s aluminum industry and the only conference in the world attended by every single primary aluminum manufacturer in the region. It is the event of choice for anyone interested in the Middle East aluminum industry.

Conference – Integration of Upstream and Downstream in the GCC

Arabal unites all the leading aluminum companies and manufacturers in the Gulf region and will focus on the integration of the aluminium upstream and downstream sectors throughout the GCC. Topics will include but are limited to:

  • The integration of the aluminum upstream and downstream sectors throughout the GCC
  • Highlighting value of a fully integrated supply chain
  • Efficiency, availability, productivity and profits
  • Recovery and re-use – the role of recycling in the value chain
  • The role and future of technology in the aluminum business
  • Downstream aluminum use – growth trends in GCC
  • Investing in rolling mill capacity – which product lines will take priority in the region?
  • Analyzing raw materials trends
  • The knock-on effects of the reduced oil price and how will this affect the aluminum industry
    moving forward?
  • Forecasting long term power pricing
  • Alumina refining and future possibilities in GCC

For more information on the conference and speaking opportunities, or to be informed when the program is available, please contact Hejke Coetzee, BME Global.
Tel: +44 208 328 6520


The GCC’s aluminum production is believed to have reached the five million tonnes mark in 2014. Aluminum production in the Middle East is expected to grow significantly in the short to medium term and the region is forecast to contribute about 15% of total global production by 2015. (Frost and Sullivan).

GCC countries are expected to boost aluminum production capacity by up to 40% and are currently growing by 8.4% annually, compared to an average annual global expansion of 3.5%. Making the Middle East the fastest growing aluminum market in the world. (Gulf Today).

The Arabal exhibition allows aluminum producers and equipment manufacturers and suppliers to network directly with influential leaders in the Middle East aluminum industry, as well as to learn about the latest downstream projects and available contracts in the region.

To book a stand and get involved please contact Jamie Seybold.
Tel: +44 203 328 6534

Aluminum Extrusions Frame 3D Printer


Ultimaker is one of the big name producers of 3D printing equipment for hobbyists and tinkerers. In homage to the manufacturer, a software engineer from Austin, TX, designed and built a 3D printer based on the Ultimaker2 utilizing aluminum extrusions as its frame. By adding an aluminum frame, he was able to create a printer that shared the same gantry/drive system as the Ultimaker 2 model.

The engineer ordered 20 x 20 inch extrusions from Misumi USA for the project, which took four months to complete. Other parts were either ordered from China and 33 of the required parts were 3D printed by the engineer himself. The use of extrusions not only provided a more aesthetically pleasing look, but also allowed for a simpler design and easier assembly.

Those interested in putting together their own Ultimaker 2 Aluminum Extrusion 3D printer can download free instructions—with photos and diagrams for each part and assembly directions—from the engineer on Thingiverse.

ALUMINUM USA Debuts in Detroit – Automotive Fuels Aluminum Growth

Photo: ALUMINIUM 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany

ALU_USA_posThe U.S. market has been experiencing a dramatic growth of 30% over the last five years, driven primarily by increased demand in the automotive and aerospace sectors. In the automotive sector alone, the demand for aluminum in the U.S. increased by 22.1% last year. In order to meet the rapidly growing demand in both areas, the vast majority of North American aluminum manufacturers are currently expanding their production capacities through upgrades or acquisitions.

In response to this growth, ALUMINIUM, the world’s leading trade fair of the aluminum industry, organized by Reed Exhibitions, will expand its global activities to include a North American presence in response to the booming aluminum market in the U.S. ALUMINUM USA will be held November 11-12, 2015 at the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI.

With over 60 exhibitors already signed up, Reed exhibitions is counting on 100 exhibitors for ALUMINUM USA with up to 2,000 trade visitors to attend the show taking place in Cobo Center Detroit. The show will represent the entire value chain of the aluminum industry, beginning with materials and primary production and moving downstream to semi-fabricated producers, secondary remelters and recyclers, fabricators, and final applications, as well as equipment suppliers. The range of semi-finished forms includes ingot, rod, bar, plate, sheet, and extrusions. Associated practices including surface finishing treatments, sawing, heat treatment, machining, and joining, to name a few, all fall under the ALUMINUM USA banner.

Aluminum Association members Danieli, Hazelett, SMS, and Wagstaff were some of the initial companies to sign on. International organizations, such as UACJ from Japan and IMMIB, the umbrella association of the Turkish metal industry, will bring a global perspective to the show.

Automotive Lightweight Symposium Held Concurrently

AluMag, supported by Reed Exhibitions, will organize the North America Automotive Lightweight Procurement Symposium, November 9-11, 2015 at the Westin Hotel in Detroit.

The symposium provides presentations and discussions focused on automotive lightweighting, supply and process chain, and procurement management leading up to the ALUMINUM USA exhibition. OEMs will express their needs and expectations for lightweighting and technology developments, while Tier suppliers will showcase their leading weight reduction solutions, joining technologies, material solutions, and process hybrid components.

The Automotive Lightweight Procurement Symposium is a unique and cutting edge event that brings together the procurement and supply side of lightweight materials (aluminum, carbon, composites, high strength steel, magnesium, and thermoplastics), as well as their advanced processes and cost balance or reduction. The event is designed for procurement executives who are part of the lightweight supply chain and engineering, as well as technical sales managers seeking an understanding of the synergy of cost/weight reduction programs.

The symposium is limited to 140 visitors to ensure a friendly atmosphere for knowledge development and exchange of experience. Slide presentations from international executives representing leading global technology companies will be presented at the symposium.

Industry Partnerships Announced

aa_logo_green_0Aluminum Association: Reed Exhibitions announced that its ALUMINUM USA trade show gained a strong partner by bringing on board the Aluminum Association as the event’s exclusive partner. The Aluminum Association is the leading voice of the North American aluminum industry. It will provide concepts and ideas to the organization of the event and will exhibit at the show.

“The North American aluminum industry is in a period of transformative growth and so the time is right for a centrally located trade show like ALUMINUM USA,” said Heidi Brock, president and ceo of the Aluminum Association. “We’re excited to be partnering with Reed Exhibitions to bring all of the market-leading national and international producers, suppliers and customers together in one place.”

Hans-Joachim Erbel, ceo of Reed Exhibition Germany, said, ‘”The Aluminum Association has a strong reputation in the United States for promoting the production and use of aluminum as the sustainable material of choice. Their knowledge of the market combined with our proven ability to produce a world-class trade show will create a unique opportunity for the global aluminum industry.”

_LMA-stacked-Logo-PMSgreenLight Metal Age: Reed also announced that Light Metal Age (LMA) magazine has signed on as the main media partner for the event. LMA has a long legacy of serving the aluminum industry with over 73 years of publication. Based in the U.S. the iconic magazine is internationally recognized for its thorough coverage providing vital technical, industrial, and inside information to aluminum producers and processors around the world. Look for an upcoming special offer for LMA readers to receive a special code in order to gain entry to the ALUMINUM USA show.


LME Roundup – Still Striving to Cut Warehouse Queues

February 25 – The Aluminium Market Analysis, Financials and Forecasting 2015-2025,” Vision Gain

The economic crisis of 2008 caused a sharp decline in the demand for aluminium worldwide. As a result of the lower demand, the market became oversupplied, which pushed the prices down. Excessive warehousing of aluminium is a result of this oversupply, with an estimated 5.5 million tonnes currently stored only in London Metal Exchange (LME).

Previous years have seen continuous volatility in aluminium market prices, with prices declining by 19% in December 2008 and further 11.7% down in May 2010. However, as a result of the current tight aluminium supply, aluminium premiums started to rise, reaching record figures by the end of 2013.

Visiongain anticipates balanced aluminium market results for 2014 due to a number of industry-wide capacity curtailments. For 2015 we forecast global aluminium production to reach 55.01 million tonnes, while consumption levels to reach 55.04 million tonnes. This will result in a deficit of 0.03 million tonnes to the current aluminium supply/demand balance. Such deficit is necessary to cut the current level of aluminium inventories. Visiongain calculates that global aluminium market will be worth $105.63 billion in 2015.

February 27 – Aluminium premiums decline in Europe,” Independent Online

March 2 – London Metal Exchange aims to double cuts to warehouse logjams,” Reuters

The London Metal Exchange (LME) announced new rules and proposals on Monday aimed at slashing delivery backlogs at its global network of warehouses twice as quickly as under current reforms.  The move is part of a wide-ranging reform drive sparked by consumer complaints about long delays to obtain aluminium from storage and lawsuits accusing banks and commodity companies of conspiring to restrict supply through the warehouse network.  …  Under the new tougher rules, it would take a maximum of 2.3 years to reduce queues to 50 days, Matt Chamberlain, LME head of business development, told a news conference.

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