Nominations Now Accepted for Alufoil Trophy 2016


The European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) has announced that entries for the 2016 Alufoil Trophy competition are now open and will be accepted until November 20, 2015. The Alufoil Trophy is recognized as the most highly valued award in the sector, with categories covering every aspect of aluminum foil and closures use. Applications include packaging, construction, and automotive, as well as industrial and decorative.

Entries are accepted from packaging designers, brand owners, foil rollers, foil converters, foil container manufacturers, closure manufacturers, household foil manufacturers, retailers, and industrial solution providers, including combined entries from any of these disciplines. Interested consumers and consumer groups or associations may also enter.

The competition categories are:

  • Marketing & Design – Entrants should deliver real improvements to graphic and structural packaging design, ergonomics and ideas that lead to greater shelf appeal at point-of-sale, as well as industrial design applications.
  • Consumer Convenience – Answering calls for improved technical performance that provide real benefits to the consumer.
  • Resource Efficiency – Sustainable environmental performance is among the foremost challenges faced by industry. Developments should provide real benefits and demonstrate environmental and commercial advantages whether in consumer or industrial applications.
  • Product preservation – Consumers are increasingly demanding fewer preservatives in food and this is where packaging can really come into its own by delivering products safely and hygienically.
  • Technical Innovation – The development of innovative ideas should provide benefits for the brand owner, retailer, consumer and industrial user through the performance of a material, a manufacturing method or conversion process.

Announcing the opening of the competition, Guido Aufdemkamp, EAFA’s executive director, said, “Entries are always of a high standard and our judging panel, drawn from both the industry and end users. It is always challenged to pick the ‘best of the best’. We expect this year to be no exception and look forward, once again, to recognize true excellence in aluminum foil and closures innovation.”

Entries deadline: November 20, 2015.

More details and applications forms are available on

International Aluminum Congress in Brazil – Call for Papers

The 7th International Aluminum Congress and ExpoAlumínio 2016, accompanied by ALUMINIUM Brazil, will be held at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in São Paulo, Brazil, on June 7-9, 2016. Brazilian and global industry professionals, academic representatives, and researchers will gather together at the International Aluminum Congress to showcase the latest technological breakthroughs in aluminum production, processing and recycling, the applications of this metal in the major consumer markets, and address the huge challenges for the segment, both in Brazil and globally.

Aluminum automotive frame at ExpoAlumínio and ALUMINIUM Brazil 2014.

Aluminum automotive frame at ExpoAlumínio and ALUMINIUM Brazil 2014.

Simultaneously, ExpoAlumínio 2016 and ALUMINIUM Brazil 2016 will take place and feature innovative technologies and cutting-edge products, equipment, and services for this industry, representing the largest specialist trade show for the aluminum industry in Latin America.

Call for Papers

Professionals from research and development areas, academics, and students from around the world are invited to showcase their technical papers at the 7th International Aluminum Congress, hosted by ABAL (the Brazilian Aluminum Association). Papers can be presented in verbal or poster format and should be focused on the following themes:

  • Primary Aluminum – mining, refining and smelting
  • Castings – production of ingots, billet, slab
  • Mechanical Transformation – rolling, extrusion, wire and cable manufacturing, welding, stamping, machining, forging, and impact extrusion
  • Surface Treatment – anodizing, plating, machining, application of paints, and varnishes
  • Sustainable Development – conducting business grounded on economic, environmental, and social concerns
  • Recycling – the current state of recycling technology, as well as issues associated with collection, costs and availability of aluminum scrap, alternative processes, and disposal of those wastes arising from the scrap remelting process
  • Refractories – R&D initiatives and technological innovation regarding materials designed to meet the specific requirements of handling and processing molten metal, extending the useful life of equipment, and minimizing maintenance costs
  • Development of New Products – development of new and innovative applications

Only abstracts in Portuguese or English will be accepted. Abstracts should be submitted online.

Deadline to submit abstracts: September 14, 2015

Visitors attend the 2014 International Aluminum Congress.

Visitors attending the 2014 International Aluminum Congress.

Novelis Closing the Loop with Recycling

Novelis expanded recycling operations in Osewgo, New York.
Photo: Novelis expanded recycling operations in Osewgo, New York.

In the five years since Novelis launched its sustainability program, the company has aggressively invested in expanding its recycling infrastructure. The program launched in 2011 set forward a company wide commitment to achieve 80% recycled content in its products by 2020, which would remove 10 million tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHGs) annually from the aluminum product value chain.

The company has invested more than $500 million expanding and enhancing its global recycling operations since 2011, with eight of its 11 recycling operations having been either newly constructed or expanded. Light Metal Age provides an overview of these operations in “Novelis Continues to Pursue Global Recycling Content Target,” an article published in its August 2015 issue.

In this video, Novelis provides an overview of why recycling aluminum is important to the world and society, and how the company is recycling to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to the circular economy. An explanation of what the circular economy is and an overview of Novelis’ transition away from the linear value chain toward its 80% recycled content target, the global growth of its recycling network, and the importance of research and technology is presented.

Innovations for Tomorrow – ET’16 to Present Cutting Edge Extrusion Technology


The Eleventh International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar and Exposition (ET ’16), hosted by the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) and the ET Foundation, will take place May 2-6, 2016 in downtown Chicago, IL. Held just once every four years, the ET seminar is an educational event presenting leading technical research and information for the aluminum extrusion industry. The seminar addresses relevant topics, such as aluminum profile production, die design and technology, metallurgy, equipment, product applications, and more.

Early Perspectives

Craig Werner, ET seminar committee chairman, noted that preparations for ET ’16 are on schedule, with more than 150 authors having submitted over 170 abstracts. Based on the abstracts submissions, the papers will fit into the following tracks:

  • Billet Processing
  • Extrusion/Die – Practical
  • Extrusion/Die – Theoretical
  • Extrusion Equipment
  • Value-Added
  • Management Issues.

“We’re a bit early in the ET preparation cycle to disclose too many details, but all of the track chairs are excited by the submissions received so far,” explained Werner. “The quantity and quality of abstracts are superb, with excellent new work covering some familiar topics and other important new topics receiving focus as well.”

A few examples from among the many excellent abstracts and papers throughout the ET ’16 technical program from the Extrusion/Die – Theoretical and Value Added tracks are presented here, with observations from track chairs Frank Kraft of Ohio University and David Asher of Bonnell Aluminum.

Extrusion/Die – Theoretical: There tend to be reoccurring themes at ET because technological developments in such areas are vital to the industry, particularly those related to improving quality and minimizing scrap. The papers in this track can be divided into seven distinct categories — Temperature, Weld Quality, Die Design, Microstructure and Crystallographic Texture, Die Friction, FEM Modeling, and Non-Typical.

In particular, there is a very interesting abstract by Christopher W. Jowett and Nick Parson, both of Rio Tinto Alcan, and Yahya Mahmoodkhani, University of Waterloo, Canada, titled, “What Does Exit Temperature Measurement Tell Us?”

Value-Added: This track has some interesting abstracts dealing with innovations in anodizing and alloys, metallurgy, and bonding in growth markets. As an example, one paper worthy of note is “Alcoa 951:Bonding to the Automotive Future,” by James Marinelli, Alcoa. This paper discusses the efficient and effective bonding of aluminum extrusions to greatly enhance the opportunities to use extrusions in the growing automotive market.

Educational Workshops

A number of educational workshops and courses from aluminum industry organizations will provide comprehensive and convenient learning opportunities at ET ’16. Delegates interested in attending a workshop should register early, as space is limited. (Note: ET ’16 reserves the right to alter the program and schedule as needed.)

Process Analysis and Optimization – Monday, May 2, 2016: Learn how to optimize and analyze the extrusion process in this one-day workshop from Lorenzo Donati, Luca Tomesani, and Barbara Reggiani, experts from Manufacturing Technologies Group at the University of Bologna in Italy. They have worked extensively with European extruders and die makers in order to optimize die design, improve welding phenomena in extrusion dies, increase die life and analyze final microstructure of extruded profiles. This course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Practical and Analytical Extrusion Concepts
  • Material Flow and Friction in Direct Extrusion
  • Die Failure Modes and Die Life Prediction
  • Charge Welds and Process Performance
  • Seam Welds, Welding Criteria, and Profile Strength
  • Microstructure Evolution and Streak Formation Mechanisms

Preview of AEC Academy – Monday, May 2, 2016: It is AEC’s mission, in part, to “enhance the ability of its members to meet the emerging demands of the market through sharing knowledge and best practices.” The council helps extruders benchmark, improve, and optimize operations through its educational program, AEC Academy. This assortment of technical sessions taken from some of the Council’s most popular workshops and clinics provides a glimpse into AEC’s excellent technical education program. Included are sessions from the Process Optimization Workshop, Die Clinic, Press Maintenance Workshop and Finishing Workshop. If you’ve never attended an AEC technical workshop this is your chance to see what you’ve been missing and take home valuable information to share with your team. Sessions include: a handling equipment panel discussion, a die and tooling update, a look at failures of extrusion press components and their prevention, and a finishing overview. (Open to AEC members only.)

AEC Extrusion Excellence Course – Tuesday, May 3, 2016: Connect theory and practice in this one-day intensive course that offers a fundamental engineering approach to the aluminum extrusion process at the AEC’s Extrusion Excellence Short Course. Taught by renowned industry expert, Dr. Wojciech Misiolek of the Institute of Metal Forming at Lehigh University, this one-day intensive course covers: Extrusion Concepts, Aluminum Extrusion Alloys, Aluminum Billet Metallurgy, Extrudability, Metal Flow Analysis, Extrusion Dies, Quality Assurance, and Current Technological Developments. Registration is limited to 30 attendees. (Open to AEC members only.)

AAC Anodizing Essential s Workshop – Tuesday, May 3, 2016: Learn essential techniques for producing a quality anodized product at the Aluminum Anodizers Council’s Level 1 School for Anodizers Course, Anodizing Essentials. This all-day workshop details the foundation of quality anodizing, taking attendees through the entire process—beginning with the metallurgical properties of aluminum alloys commonly anodized and through to the final rinse and sealing processes. The program is designed to benefit production personnel at every level, from the line operator to the production manager, particularly if they are relatively new to the business. Workshop topics include:

  • Anodizing in a Nutshell
  • Metallurgy Basics for Aluminum Surfaces
  • Safety/Waste Treatment
  • Racking for Successful Anodizing
  • Cleaning/Rinsing
  • Etch & Bright Dip
  • Power Supplies, Rectifiers, and Transformers
  • Anodizing Basics for Aluminum Surfaces
  • Dyeing and Sealing

For more information on the event, workshops, and a complete list of abstracts when they are made available, visit:

Photo: Wikimedia – Creative Commons

August 2015 Issue Published – Worldwide Recycling and Remelt in Review

cover-Aug 2015-withframe

The August 2015 issue of Light Metal Age has launched! The digital edition has been released to subscribers and the print edition will be shipped next week.

On the cover: View inside Air Products’ Combustion Lab test furnace during adjustable heat release oxyfuel burner firing. Oxyfuel burner modeling at various set points helped determine the burner best suited for Sapa Extrusions. Sapa used oxyfuel technology in a novel application to boost productivity of a regen-fired reverb furnace in their casthouse in Cressona, PA.

Feature Articles include:

  • World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review, by Rudolf Pawlek, TS+C
  • Aluminum Recycling and the 2015 Ford F-150, by Laurent Chappuis, Ford Vehicle Operations
  • Customized Combustion Solution Yields Productivity Improvement for Aluminum Extruder, by John Palazzolo, Anup Sane, and Russell Hewertson, Air Products, and Nathen Chaleby and Darryl Hilbert and Joseph Yutko, Sapa Extrusions
  • High Mechanical Properties of Extrusions Formed from Aluminum Machining Chips, by Matthias Haase and A. Erman Tekkaya, TU Dortmund University, and Wojciech Z. Misiolek, Lehigh University
  • Trends in Japan’s Aluminum Extrusion Industry, by Isao Nakada, Nalk Corporation
  • Automotive Demand Advances Aluminum Scrap Recovery and Processing, by Mark Ridall, Wendt Corporation
  • Novelis Continues to Pursue Global Recycling Content Target
  • Defects Affecting Extruded Surface – Coarse Grain, by Jerome Fourmann, Rio Tinto Alcan
  • Greenfield Aluminum Smelter Planned for Iceland
  • 72nd World Magnesium Conference: Increased Use of Aluminum Boon to Magnesium, by Robert E. (Bob) Brown

Extrusion Industry News & Technology includes:

  • Postle Installs New Extrusion Press Line – Newly Acquired by Thor, Secures Strong Position in RV Market
  • The Critical Interaction of the Dummy Block and Container in Modern Extrusion Presses, by Paul Robbins and Dr. Ken Chien, Castool
  • Bulgarian Window Frame Manufacturer Installs First Extrusion Line

Other editorial includes:

  • Inside/Out Light Metals: The Origin of the Eddy Current Separator, by Kenzo Takahashi, Zmag, Inc.
  • New Technology Spotlight: Boosting Continuous Annealing Capacity for Aluminum Automotive Sheet – Interview with Tony Palermo, Linde LLC
  • Servo Drive Technology in Aluminum Extrusion, from Tecalex
  • Book Review: Ultrasonic Treatment of Light Alloy Melts, Second Edition by Georgy I. Eskin and Dmitry G. Eskin, reviewed by Joseph C. Benedyk
  • ET ’16 to Present Cutting Edge Extrusion Research and Comprehensive Educational Workshops

If you would like to receive a copy of the August 2015 issue, as well as future issues of Light Metal Age, subscribe online today!

LME Roundup – Continued Overcapacity from China

July 1 – Results of Warehouse Discussion Paper and Next steps for consultation on warehouse operation, London Metal Exchange

July 1 –Glut of Chinese Goods Pinches Global Economy,” The Wall Street Journal

July 7 Aluminum Bear Market Piles Pressure on World’s Biggest Smelters,” Bloomberg Business

China, which accounts for half of the world’s aluminum output, is on pace to export record amounts of metal products this year, helping to deepen a worldwide glut. Producers outside China, including Alcoa Inc. and United Co. Rusal, had already cut back capacity through last year. Still, 1 million metric tons more, enough to supply Japan for six months, will probably be curtailed within a year, according to Macquarie Group Ltd.

July 8 –Aluminium Being Squeezed On Spurt In Output,” India Info Line

July 9 –Warehouse Crackdown Cuts Aluminum Costs: Delivery fees drop as rules kick in aimed at loosening Wall Street’s grip on stockpiles,” The Wall Street Journal

Manufacturers of goods from cars to soda cans are benefiting from declining aluminum costs, a sign that new warehouse rules aimed at loosening the grip of Wall Street banks are having the desired effect.

July 10 –Industry demands import duty hike on aluminium metal, scrap,” Times of India

July 16 –Aluminum Output Jumps to Record in China Swelling World Glut,” Bloomberg Business

New supply from China is forcing smelters elsewhere to cut output as exports surge and prices slump. Shipments from the country rose to the highest this year in June, boosting a global surplus of the raw material used in everything from cans and cars to aircraft and sending rates to the lowest since 2009.

July 17 –Warehouse reforms not key driver of premiums,” American Metal Market

London Metal Exchange warehousing reforms have had a limited effect on the Midwest aluminum premium, while import and demand levels have been far more influential, according to North American aluminum market participants and analysts.

July 20 –China, the aluminum giant that’s still growing: Andy Home,” Reuters

Global output grew by 10.3 percent in the first half of this year, the fastest rate of growth since 2010, when many smelters were reactivating capacity idled during the depths of the global financial crisis.

July 21 –Aluminum Declines to Two-Week Low as China Supply Adds to Glut,” Bloomberg Business

July 22 –Norsk Hydro CEO Says Low Aluminum Prices May Trigger Production Cuts,” The Wall Street Journal

Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro may trim production even further to cope with low aluminum prices, the firm’s president and chief executive Svein Richard Brandtzaeg in a telephone interview [with WSJ].  Norsk Hydro, one of the largest aluminum producers in the world, has already reduced capacity by 26%, but continues to feel the effects of the price plunge. Aluminum prices have fallen more than 10% since the beginning of the year and are trading at six-year lows.

July 30 –London Metal Exchange to Accept Chinese RMB as Cash Collateral,” Metal Miner



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