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Highlighting Extrusion Technology and Aluminum Recycling, Remelt, and Scrap Recovery in our August 2014 Issue

August 2014 Cover

The August 2014 issue of Light Metal Age is now available. The digital edition has been released to subscribers and the print edition will be shipped next week.

The cover features the newly built HybrEx 25, the radically different 25 MN extrusion press designed by the SMS Meer R&D and Technology Group headed by Uwe Muschalik , general manager of hydraulic press R&D and technology. Pictured in front of the press are SMS Meer’s Axel Bauer (left), general manager of extrusion press sales, and Muschalik (right). The innovative HybrEx press is the focus of an article by our editor, Joseph C. Benedyk.

Feature Articles include:

  • World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review, by Rudolf P. Pawlek, contributing editor
  • Postle Extrusions Expands to Capture Booming RV Market, by Andrea Svendsen, managing editor
  • The New and Innovative HybrEx Extrusion Press, by Joseph C. Benedyk, editor
  • Automotive Aluminum for the Masses – a review of the 2015 North American Light Vehicle Aluminum Content Study, commissioned by the Aluminum Association’s Aluminum Transportation Group (ATG) and conducted by Ducker Worldwide
  • The U.S. Aluminum Lifecycle, 1900-2009: Quantifying Various Recycling Rates, by Wei-Qiang Chen and T.E. Graedel, Center for Industrial Ecology, Yale University
  • Defects Affecting Extruded Surface – Blistering, by Jerome Fourmann, Rio Tinto Alcan
  • Australasian Aluminium Extrusion Conference 2014, by Barbara Rinderer, Consulting in Partnership Pty Ltd.
  • AEC Leads the Way to Extrusion Industry Success: Interview with Jeff Henderson, AEC
  • Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident: Interview with Alex Lowery, Wise Chem
  • The Power of Extrusions: How Aluminum is Reshaping the B&C Industry, by Scott Condreay, Sapa North American Technical Center
  • TMS 2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibition
  • 71st World Magnesium Conference: China Continues to Lead World Production, by Robert E. (Bob) Brown, contributing editor
  • 2014 Magnesium Awards of Excellence

Editorial departments include a Book Review on Aluminum Recycling – Second Edition by Mark E. Schlesinger and coverage of Secondary Aluminum News, Extruder News, and Contracts & Expansions, as well as  several Product and Technology Spotlights, including:

  • Compact and Scalable Casthouse System Converts On-Site Extrusion Scrap into Quality Billet
  • Improved Molten Metal Level Control for Slab Casting
  • Solving Aluminum Scrap Recovery Challenges: Shredding and Separation Technologies
  • Pilot Testing of the Green, No-Waste, Dross-Spin Metal Recovery Process
  • Ultrasonic Degassing Process for Continuous and Stationary Mold Casting of Aluminum

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Our June 2014 Issue Now Available!


The June 2014 issue of Light Metal Age is now available. The digital edition has been released to subscribers and the print edition will be shipped next week.

The cover features the new runnout system at take-charge extruder Bonnell Aluminum in Newnan, GA, which installed a new start-of-the-art extrusion line engineered to automotive specifications. The newly installed double run out system is part of a complete handling system supplied by Turla, Italy. The complete story of the $17 million expansion project is the lead story of the June issue.

Feature Articles include:

  • On the Front End of the Curve – Bonnell Aluminum Shifts into Automotive,” by Andrea Svendsen, Managing Editor
  • “New Developments in Automotive Extrusions Offer Huge Opportunities,” by Geoff Scamans, Innoval Technology, and Andrew Hall, Alken
  • “LME Deals with Warehouse Issues and Upgrades Trading Options for Aluminum – Interview with Garry Jones, LME”
  • “Dead Zones in Dies and Their Effect on Streaking,” by Nick Parson and Chris Jowett, Rio Tinto Alcan, and Jean-Francois Beland, Canadian National Research Council
  • “Emirates to Produce Half of the Gulf’s Primary Output – Interview with Abdulla J.M. Kalban, EGA”
  • “Heatsink Redesign Saves Weight and Increases Efficiency”
  • “Innovative Joining Processes Enable Increased Use of Aluminum in GM’s New Corvette Z06 and Beyond”
  • “Extrusion Design Competition Showcases Inventive Functional Designs”

Editorial departments includes a Book Review on Direct-Chill Casting of Light Alloys: Science and Technology by John F. Grandfield, Dmitry G. Eskin, and Ian F. Bainbridge and a Lightweight Matters department on Aleris’ supply of extruded parts for marine engines to MTU in Friedrichhafen, Germany.

Other coverage includes the Extruder News, Primary Aluminum News (with aluminum production tables by country and company from 2010-2013), and Contracts & Expansions departments, as well as a U.S. Aluminum Extrusion Press Patent Retrospective starting from the 1970s that catalogs the evolution of various press technologies.

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Our Annual Aluminum Extrusion Issue Now Available!


The April 2014 annual aluminum extrusion issue of Light Metal Age is now available. The digital edition has been released to subscribers and the print edition will be shipped next week.

The cover features a 39 hollow aluminum extrusion for a heat exchanger that was made by Almag Aluminum in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, an extruder known for designing and extruding complex shapes. The extrusion die was manufactured by Exco Canada in Markham, Ontario. (Photo: Robert Ciolfi.)

Feature Articles include:

  • What Kind of Extruder Are You? – Self Planning Matrix for Benchmarking Extrusion Operations,” by Craig Werner, Werner Extrusion Solutions, LLC
  • Southern Aluminum Finishing Goes West – New Anodizing Line Opened in Redding, CA
  • The Impact of Methodological Choices on the LCA Results of Aluminum Extrusion Products,” by Marshall Jinlong Wang, The Aluminum Association
  • Outlook on Aluminum Extrusion Die Industry from an Italian Die Maker, Interview with Tommaso Pinter, Alumat & Almax Mori
  • Saws for Billet and Extrusion Operations,” by Roger A.P. Fielding, BENCHMARKS
  • Arabal 2013 – Part II: Downstream Development in the Gulf,” by contributing editor, Andrew Hall (photos of exhibitors are online)
  • Gearing Up Aluminum Extrusions for Automotive, Interview with Matthias Kapp, Sapa Extrusions North America
  • Global Flat Rolled Product Long Term Outlook: Automotive and Aerospace to Drive Growth,” by Goran Djukanovic, Aluminum Market Analyst
  • Novatec Celebrates 20 Years of Service to Aluminum Extruders
  • AEC 2014 Annual Meeting Illuminates N.A. Extrusion
  • Directory of Aluminum Extrusion Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers

Editorial departments include a story on the American Lightweight Metals Manufacturing Initiative announced by President Obama and a Product Spotlight on the ExtSTAR™ quoting module. Other coverage include the Extruder News and Contracts & Expansions, as well as our International Patent Calendar.

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Our February 2014 issue is now available!


The February 2014 issue of Light Metal Age is now available. The digital edition has been released to subscribers and the print edition will be shipped next week.

The cover features the Aluminicaste team. Aluminicaste is an aluminum greenfield remelt facility located in Central Mexico now close to full production capacity. The plant casts mainly extrusion billet, as well as rolling ingot and forging/large press billet, on two DC casting lines in both hard and soft alloys. An initial phase has been completed but expansion potential is expected to take the plant to become one of the largest operations of the kind in North America.

Feature Articles include:

  • “Primary Aluminum Smelters of the World: Nameplate Capacities and Shutdown Capacities on a Temporary Basis” and “Primary Aluminum Industry in the Year 2013,” by contributing editor, Rudolf P. Pawlek
  • “Aluminicaste – New Remelt in Mexico World Class Supplier of Extrusion, Rolling, and Forging Ingot” (featured on the cover)
  • “Arabal 2013 – 30th Anniversary – Part I: Global Aluminum Outlook and Challenges,” by contributing editor, Andrew Hall (photos of exhibitors are online)
  • “The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show: Shaping a New Future,” by Isao Nakada of the Nalk Corporation
  • “UC Rusal Implements EcoSøderberg Technology,” by V. Mann, V. Buzunov, A. Pinaev, and V. Kolychev of UC Rusal
  • “Oman Inaugurates OARC Rolling Mill – Launches Downstream Sector”
  • “Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Magnesium Use in Transport,” by Simone Ehrenberger and Horst E. Friedrich of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Institute of Vehicle Concepts
  • “Redefining Tough: The New Ford F-150 Features an All-Aluminum Body”

Editorial departments includes a Book Review of the Aluminum Association‘s Aluminum Standards and Data 2013, a Product Spotlight on Pyrotek’s Pyrofloor 80 floor tiles, and an Equipment Spotlight on Brochot’s third generation of its Berger specialized vehicles for aluminum smelters. Other coverage include the Primary Aluminum News, Extruder News, Contracts & Expansion, and Lightweight Matters on the New Year’s Eve ball winning a welding award and NASA’s examination of the Shell Buckling Knockdown Factor in its aluminum-lithium fuel tanks.

If you would like to receive a copy of the February issue, as well as future issues of Light Metal Age, you can subscribe online.

Meet us at TMS 2014!

TMS 2014 will be held on February 16-20 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

Among the special symposia, the event will feature “Innovation in the Aluminum Industry Supply Chain – How Will We Move on to the Next S Curve?” The scope of the session looks at how the aluminum industry can get to the critical mass of R&D required to achieve breakthroughs that can lift industry environmental and energy efficiency performance in order to maximize future growth potential. More information on the symposium and the speakers can be found here.

In addition, the Light Metals Division Luncheon speaker will be William Joost, Technology Development Manager, Lightweight Materials, Vehicle Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy, who will offer a presentation on “Connecting the Science and Engineering of Vehicle Weight Reduction.”

Light Metal Age will be represented at booth #217 in the exhibition hall, with complimentary copies of our February 2014 issue available for distribution.

Presenting the Aluminum Extrusion Article Archive

Light Metal Age (LMA) magazine is proud to announce that the Aluminum Extrusion Article Archive, a new searchable DVD covering the aluminum extrusion industry, is now available. This comprehensive database includes over 1,000 aluminum extrusion-focused articles, editorial, and news items that appeared in the pages of LMA from July 1943 to June 2012. The archive offers an encyclopedic look at the aluminum extrusion industry, covering everything from process development and technological advancements to plant spotlights, market outlooks, new products and applications, and more.

Also, published on this DVD is an introductory article by Joseph Benedyk, editor, LMA, titled “Review of Past Innovations and Recent Improvements in Aluminum Extrusion: From Alloy to Process Development,” summarizing the fascinating evolution of aluminum extrusion.

Some of the articles you will find on this DVD, include: Read More…


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